About this fundraiser

On June 29th our 22 year old daughter was taken to the hospital at 11 p.m ,she was in cardiac arrest already, the doctors performed CPR on her in the emergency room parking lot for 45 minutes.  They were able to get a pulse,  but her pulse didn't last long,  she didn't have any health issues. But the team of doctors kept trying to get a pulse,  they got a weak pulse an the put her on life suppor, the doctor called the family in because her heart wasn't pumping blood and they told us she's not going make it and for us to come say goodbye 😢 💔 at 5.47 a.m they pronounced her dead. The hardest thing we ever had to do was to make the decision to pull the plug. With everything going on we could sure use the help to get back to the funeral.  Anything would help please 🙏. 

Organized by

Jay Tackett

Cheyenne, WY, USA