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Hello all! My brother James met the love of his life through a Christian dating app 3 years ago. They got married last year in May and quickly applied for her Visa along with that of her 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter. Her son came to America to live with my brother on December 10th to be able to do his homeschooling through the Arizona school system where my brother lives while her daughter stayed with her in Korea awaiting their approval. Lindz has total custody over her kids so my brother was adopting them so they could all be a family. They would all FaceTime daily to see and talk to each other. I had the pleasure of being with my brother and Corey for Christmas and talking to Lindz and Amber via FaceTime. Lindz had a birthday late February and shortly after got very ill with flu like symptoms. After 7 days of being ill her daughter FaceTimed my brother and said she could not wake mommy. My brother could see Lindz had passed and then quickly tried to get help there. It was a holiday in Korea so it was difficult to get emergency help there along with the language barrier. After several hours they arrived and confirmed Lindz had passed and made arrangements for grandparents to pick up Amber for the time being. James requested Lindz be cremated and sent here to be with him and has contacted immigration to let them know Lindz had passed away so the approval for Amber to come here to the U.S. was expedited as well as Corey being allowed to stay. My brother quickly became a single dad at the unexpected death of his wife with whom he thought he would have many years. He has paid the high price of cremation only to be shocked with another $2500 fee to have his wife brought here and additional cost of the airline ticket for Amber. This all just breaks my heart that these sweet kids have lost their mommy at such a young age and that my brother is has lost his wife so early, she was so young. I would love to get as much help as possible for my brother with the funeral expenses, cost to bring Lindz to him, along with his stepdaughter. Anything beyond this amount is even better to give him the stability needed to raise these little ones on his own. I so greatly appreciate any and all donations and I know my brother will very much so also. Thank you so very much for reading our story! Any and all donations are so greatly appreciated. Please share to spread the word. God bless you all!!

Organized by

Lara Grace

Rexburg, ID, USA

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James Goates