About this fundraiser

My good friend Cheryl has passed away….it was suicide they say…I had just spoken to her over the phone the other day.  We reminisced on when we were young and how much fun we used to have together .  I told her that she should pack up from Kansas and move to California! She laughed and said “yes maybe” well we didn’t talk over the phone that long and there was no indication that she was thinking of suicide.  The next day I received the call that she killed herself. I am hurting her family which consists of her mother and 2 older sisters and 1 older brother are at a stand still with broken hearts that will never mend…I sit here in sadness and wondering if there was something I could have said differently or asked her more questions maybe she would know she was loved and we are devastated…she leaves behind a 10 year old son…they don’t have money so i am asking for any assistance please to help with her burial.  Cheryl was only 30 years old. Please pray for us….this is tragic.  


Organized by

Rene St.Tropez

Los Angeles, CA, USA