About this fundraiser

Dear Friends & Community, 

We are coming together to support Emmanuel's family during an extremely difficult time. As many of you know, Emmanuel recently passed away on Sunday April 14th, 2024, leaving behind a loving family (Adebola, 8-year old Kanyinsola & 5-month old twins, Nathan and Ethan) and a legacy of kindness and passion for community building. 

The funds raised through this campaign will primarily be directed towards funeral expenses, ensuring that Emmanuel receives a dignified farewell. This will keep the funeral planning burden off of his young family while they collectively navigate the grieving process. 

ALL remaining balance will then be dedicated to support the family's ongoing needs including access to important resources to help them cope with their loss and maintain their general wellbeing, ensuring they have a secure and bright future.

Your support means the world to Emmanuel's family and your generosity will be a testament to the impact Emmanuel had on our lives and the love we all shared with him. 

Every contribution, big or small counts and we are truly grateful for your kindness. 


*********Update 4/19/2024

Due to the overwhelming support being received from Emmanuel's friends in Nigeria, a secondary avenue is now available for them to make donations into a Nigerian bank account with details below:  

Adelanke Dayo-Adepoju | Guaranty Trust Bank - 0150747980



Organized by

Kato A

Tulsa, OK, USA