Latest update as of Oct 31, 2022

  • Decided that leaving is better than being set up for failer.

    There's always been better opportunities outside of Texarkana Texas and Arkansas for me. My son has a better chance of being successful if we are in another state. Texarkana is primitive when the world is modern and we have modern minds, can't live in a permitive states or towns. My life is in God's hands, the help that you can give us is much needed, thank you.

About this fundraiser

Help we are homeless, My son will benefit from the donations made. 

Deceit is the most harmful thing that one can do to another person. 

I & Eli trusted his father and ½ brother.

Everything is gone, everything that I had bought in the 5 years of being back in our hometown. They did not have our best interest in mind. We trusted them. Once again they let us down, this time Eli and I are homeless. Will you please find it in your hearts to help us stand back up. The money will be used for a roof over our head everything needed,. A hand up is what we're asking for. Not a handout.  I took care of us for 16 years and at times we just need to be pulled up when we have been knocked down.   Plz will you help US TO start  move and start over!!!!

Organized by

Elisha Nichols

Texarkana, AR, USA