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This is gonna be super long (because I overexplain everything ) & I've never done this before. My husband was shot in the head when he was 8 years old & was not expected to live past 30 with any "quality of life." It was a miracle he survived at all considering the .22 bullet exploded in his head.

News articles from my husband's shooting

They were unable to remove it without killing him, so it's still in his brain surrounded by silicone. He had to relearn EVERYTHING & had a very lengthy recovery. He'll be 35 this year! He's worked SO hard & overcome SO many obstacles to get here. His parents were on drugs his entire life (still are), so he couch hopped most of his childhood. He wasn't expected to graduate high school, but did, & even went onto college for a bit! No one expected him to amount to anything because of his last name & upbringing. But, we met, got married & he's been KILLING IT! He's worked the same job for 6 years & has moved into a leadership position. He works all the OT he can to give us the best life possible.

In 2019, we rented a mobile home that was infested with roaches, had exposed wires, & should've been condemned. For our kids' safety, we moved in with my mom. When COVID hit, we were both working at the same factory, but got laid off. We had money saved, but unemployment was messed up, so it didn't last long. It was too crowded in my mom's house, so we bought a 12x32 storage shed to give us our own space.

Our Building

We finished the inside. It was only supposed to be temporary, but we've been living in it since. It doesn't have water (we're parked in my mom's backyard, so we use hers). No bedrooms, & the ceiling isn't finished. We ran electricity, insulation, & drywall, but it still gets so cold in the winter that we have to use 2 kerosene heaters to keep it warm, which is incredibly dangerous. We have a twin bed & a couch to sleep on, but the kids will be 8 & 9. They're too big to continue living this way. I wasn't able to go back to work long after COVID let up because I had to take my kids back & forth to school (bus doesn't run here) & they put my daughter in therapy 4x a week. On top of that, she does cheerleading & my husband has bi-weekly appointments himself. I don't even have time to think, let alone work!

We finally decided to apply for a home loan through USDA. & We got approved! For $140k. Everything in our area is over $200k. We've been searching for a WHILE & had almost give up hope when we found the PERFECT house. The owner was asking $169k for it, but our realtor was able to talk him down to $150k! We asked our lender how to get that much. He told us to pay off a credit card in my husband's name ($500) & pay off a starter loan we had through our credit union ($1800). We've done that & gotten our new preapproval!

Pre-approval letter 

But, they're still saying $150k is going to be a stretch & the underwriters are unlikely to approve it. We're at the very end of our process. We have our home inspection Monday & will be putting down our earnest money & appraisal fee then, too. The house is listed contingent on OUR offer!


 Our realtor is AMAZING. She & the listing agent reduced their commission to help us get it at this price & she even talked to the actual owner & told him that we're just two hardworking people trying to get a leg up for the first time & he was willing to lower the price to $148k with him also paying $2k towards our closing costs! USDA requires a stove & refrigerator, & the listing agent was kind enough to GIVE us a set he had. Our team is working SO hard to help us succeed. We really don't have any family to help us out as my grandparents are in the hospital (my Nana is in ICU), my mom is fighting for disability herself due to several health issues, & my Dad is ON disability for Parkinsonism. They just really don't have it.

We have ALWAYS paid our bills on time. We've done whatEVER necessary to "get it done" with little to no help. & All the kids want is their own bedroom. We're trying so hard to give them that.

Here's where you come in...

Our lender has said if we can pay off the loan on our building, the underwriters will have absolutely NO problem giving us the $150k because our income to debt ratio will be practically 0. The payoff amount on that loan is $4,034. If we can just get it paid off, our lender is VERY confident it'll go through. We've exhausted ALL money we have (including my husband's 401k) paying off the other stuff they've asked us to & putting money up for all the fees & costs.

I'm sure you're asking how this'll work being as how the underwriters pick apart any money coming in or out. & To that I say: I am not on the home loan at all, which helps tremendously. Since I have no income, we didn't add me. Which means, I can have my own money all I want. But, I AM on the building loan with my husband. So, I'm trying to raise as much as possible to pay it off so that will be one less thing on my husband's credit. If I had a job, we could just transfer the loan into my name only, but as I said, I can't work right now. I do plan on getting another one soon as this all goes through, & I am CONFIDENT we will make it. We just need a helping hand at this point & lots of prayers/good vibes. Our kids deserve so much more than what we've been able to give so far & I don't want them to have to recover from their childhood anymore than I'm afraid they're already going to have to. By donating, you would literally be helping make our dreams come true & showing my husband that he has made it & overcome all the obstacles he's faced. Help us shoot for the stars! 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Organized by

Miranda Weaver

Berea, KY, USA