Latest update as of Apr 26, 2023

  • Thank you!

    Wow! Due to all of your generosity, in two short days we were able to raise enough to meet and surpass the goal of $3,000! Let the happy tears flow!

    We cannot even begin to tell you how appreciative we are for everyone being a part of making this happen for Skyli.. and doing it so quickly!

    I will leave the fundraiser up until May 5th, her next appointment. Even though we have reached our initial goal there may be more things needed that we are not already aware of and are some accessories she could utilize so any excess will be used for that!

    Our hearts are overflowing with emotion and we just cannot thank you enough! Love to you all!

    Thank you!

About this fundraiser

Skyli is an amazing 8 yr. old who was born with a congenital birth defect resulting in the absence of her left hand. While she is single-handedly the most amazing girl ever and has proved she can do nearly everything with only 5 fingers, that it takes everyone else 10 to do..Skyli deserves the opportunity to experience life like most all of us and that is with two functional hands! Since her first attendance of Lucky Fin Weekend in 2019, Skyli has dreamed of having a bionic prosthetic like the ones she saw there. The time has come and we’ve already started the process to get her, her very own myoelectric prosthesis that has 6 grip options and offers her more normalcy in life. 
While Mom and Dad are doing everything we can, unfortunately myoelectric prosthetics come at a hefty price tag even with insurance and in order to keep the process moving forward we have to come up with funds a lot quicker than expected. So we are asking everyone who is willing to, to come together and help give Skyli the gift of a hand! If you can‘t donate please share. We thank everyone so much for any and all positive thoughts and help! Skyli will appreciate it so much! 

Organized by

Terissa Clausen

Loves Park, IL, USA