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I am asking for help to get Beanna and her family out to California to see her mother, Donna, before she passes away from Cancer. She is in palpative care right now (hospice care). They are not able to afford what it takes to get there, and would like to be there to not only say their goodbyes. But be there for her Donna as well to give support and love in last days. The bond between mother and child as well as grandparent and grandchildren is strong and the need to see as well as say last goodbyes or last things are always important ! They will be using the money for airfare, hotel, food, and car rental while in California. I am asking because I know she never would, but I also know how important it is to be able to see and say goodbye, that one last time. It is everything!! We appreciate any donation that you can do or God places on your heart at this time. Prayers help to in situations like this as well. Thank you for your prayers and donation. God Bless you.

Organized by

Heather Hurley

Biloxi, MS, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Beanna Burleson