About this fundraiser

The struggle has been difficult for Michelle Elliott over the past few years. It's been Loss after Loss. Her dad passed away, then her 19 year old son, her 2 uncles were next, now as her mom, weak and frail, lay in the hospice bed waiting to go up to her heavenly mansion, Michelle is drained. Her mother, “Mrs Amy," is leaving her,  she had lost everyone. Her moms funeral theme color is going to be teal and she would like to be able to match her mother's last pair of clothes on this earth. Her and her mother never really had a real strong relationship until last  year when they sat down and made amends with each other.  She would Love nothing more than to share one “twin” moment with her mom and herself wearing matching outfits and buying her some flowers to put in her arms as she is laid to rest. PLEASE assist Michelle with purchasing these items for her “Final Goodbyes."

Organized by

Michelle Elliott

Willow Springs, NC, USA