About this fundraiser

I am asking for donations for my grandpa's cremation who passed away Tuesday, March 12th. He battled three different cancers for four years doing chemo, radiation and other treatments for prostate, bone and lung cancer. He raised five kids that he didn't create including myself and his two bio children plus he took care of many. He was the first person to help anyone and everyone with rides, fixing things and much more. He didn't have health insurance when he found out he had cancer and had to spend thousands, all of his savings to start paying for treatments and medications. He didn't qualify for any help, he made $22 too much and that included his caregiving which I had to quit my job to do myself after he became bedbound  with help from my mom when it got harder right after she had surgery on her finger and his daughter flew from Arizon missing work for six weeks herself.  Hospice was only able to help so much as they could only come out a couple days a week for a limited time. Him and my grandma that passed four years ago never got life insurance as they couldn't afford it, they had nothing of value and the few of us that cared enough to be here for him (mostly myself) went into financial hardships missing work to provide his care. His kids aren't able to help me with the cost of the cremation and it adds up to $2400 not including an urn. Myself and my three boys who were extremely close with him as he lived with us will be completely devastated if we can not bring him home with us. Please help us get him home. My family and I have really been through it the last three months, we are heartbroken, exhausted, have been very stressed out and this is the last thing. If anyone has it in their hearts to help us we would be extremely grateful. If anyone deserves to be donated for it would be him. 

Thank you for reading ❤️ 

Organized by

Breeanna Coscorrosa

Redmond, OR, USA