About this fundraiser

Russell Brunson is a fantastic marketer and has an amazing challenge starting in one week.  He his going to help me create and sell my first product.  This comes with everything I need. If I buy it by the end of today there is an additional course bonus to help me step into my authentic stage character.

My products will be courses and curriculums created so that anyone can learn modern wage earning skills at their own pace but still have accountability and support, as long as it takes.  These courses will be informative and value-packed and will not be advertisements for yet another course.

Too many courses give part of the information, but they leave important details out, while promoting their next course, also, keeping us broke while we maintain subscriptions they recommend that they earn profits from. (Aweber, TrafficAuthority, ionos, semrush, etc.)

Mentors charge thousands of dollars and promise coaching “every step”, done for you, done with you, and team phone calls and training.  That's not exactly what I got.  

I stupidly signed a contract for one year, paying $2000+ financing.  Mistake.   I believed  I was getting great coaching and several courses that would show me how to make great money in 30 days, if I put in the work.  But so far no actual training and I agreed to monthly payments.

I looked for reviews and found one very vague but positive testimonial (on my own.) I discovered later that I hadn't dug deep enough.  After 3 weeks, I looked again and was so disappointed.   The reviewer expressed exactly what I felt, and she made it to the end of the course and made nothing.

On my next phone call, they actually wanted me to find a way to pay another $200 a month for a better program. They are still giving me the rest of the material but nothing like I believed it was.  I didn't add more “coaching”.

I will be writing a comparative review of both.  I am not learning anything and I get through a few videos a day, but they keep my access restricted, preventing fast results. I will finish next week, in time for my first payment.  

So that's why I want this money, to pay for Russell's training.  He is going to help me improve the course I'm already building so I can over deliver.  I contacted potential partners who are masters of their niche, to help me make these value-drenched treasures that are attainable by anyone who wants more than a J.O.B.  (Just over broke.)

I am also creating a program that offers working scholarships as a way to make sure students are contributing something, if their application is approved.  They will be given responsibilities in my business that will save money on start up and they will further benefit by on the job training.

My purpose is to help others achieve their dreams and I intend to be a fine example.  “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”. 

I am prepared to thank my donor very well, so you will have the funds to continue to bless others with.  I will also match it as new habit to pay it forward, regularly.

Thank you for your time to read and for your time in consideration.

Organized by

Kelli Patton

Atwood, IL, USA