About this fundraiser

The money raised will be going directly to having my mother's grave marked and grandmothers grave marked my mother is buried in a urn on top of my grandmother and my mother always had a fear of being in a unmarked grave EVERYONE deserves that much plus the bad blood I had with my mother that is 100 percent my fault I now have NO WAY N THIS WORLD TO APOLOGIZE TO HER OR NAME IT RIGHT BUT I CAN AT LEAST TRY MY BEST TO COME UP WITH THE REMAINING BALANCE TO FINALLY GIVE MY MOTHER HER DYING WISH and if you can't send money the seriously PRAYER IS INVALUABLE TO thank you too any and all who read this And especially THANK YOU TO ANYONE THAT MAY DONATE BY SOME MIRACLE but it's something these beautiful women deserve and need and it would give me more piece of mind at night when I lay down ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT TEST YOUR MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER WITH THE UPMOST INPORTANCE AND LOVE CAUSE ONCE THEY ARE GONE YOU CAN'T GO BACK AND APOLOGIZE OR FIX IT AND I PROMISE WHEN THEY ARE GONE FROM THIS PLANE OF EXISTENCE YOU WILL ACHE DEEP IN YOUR HEART FOR THEM AND ALL THE BAD AND MEAN THINGS YOU MAY HAVE SAID OR DONE TO THEM SO TEST THEN RIGHT…. GOD BLESS YOU ALL 

Organized by

Freya Bundy

Iron Station, NC, USA