About this fundraiser

Rachel pond pelkey, A mother, A daughter as well as a friend to all, she was a wonderful soul she made every moment seem brighter. She cared about all living things mostly birds her favorite was (RED CARDINALS). As many of you have never met Rachel you sure would not have regret it as she was the most caring and she would tell you exactly what you needed to hear in your time of need she would do anything she could even at her own expense to make sure people around her were okay and taken cared of because in her mind i know she knew not everyone has someone to take care of them and help them through times of need until you met this wonderful soul then she would go to the end of the earth to help you in any way she could. She was on oxygen and had severe COPD so there's not much she could do on her final days but she will be remembered for the woman she made herself out to be a amazing mother, Grandmother and daughter. she was also even family, everyone's best friend if you needed to talk that was your gal. she will always be loved and missed but unfortunately our family came into this situation unaware of the time left she had. one day it was going to be a few weeks, then days, then hours, that turned into minutes in the last moments at the end we all got to say goodbye witch is a goodbye none of us are ready for in life but we all shall meet again in the better place. So in this time of need for my family we are unable to pay for a headstone for my grandmother and she deserves the best so i am asking for all of you lovely human beings to chip in and help us achieve our Goal and get Rachel a Headstone she would enjoy with birds and nature on it. i hope this description does justice i just want my grammy to be proud of what she has left behind and see that she's not forgotten none of us are thank you all and may time be with you. because that's all we got other than each other thank you have a amazing and joyful life that's what we all deserve.


Whatever is left over will go to donations to First Assembly in Bangor maine for their thoughts and prayers God Bless.

Organized by

joshua bas

Bangor, ME, USA