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Hi my name is Mark, my dad was in the USA army as a Sargent from 1950 to 1953, he fought in the Korean war, and also served in Germany, three years ago my mother passed away, her funeral cost 11,000, me and my sister got it down to 3000, now my dad has died on June 20th, 2023 at 12:40am in trinity west hospital. Im trying to come up with 5,000 or more to cover both funerals and hopefully get them a grave marker, they were both in their 90s so unfortunately they both didn't have any life insurance, after 85, you can't get life insurance or funeral expenses paid, I feel that is discriminative towards people who live longer then 85, when their on fixed income it's a struggle to afford anything, by the time you pay taxes on everything and utilities you barely have enough for food, I'm asking for some help from anyone that wishes to help with their final expenses, I truly appreciate any donation to help me with their funerals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have heart problems myself, and unfortunately for me, my doctor's won't let me go back to work,due to me being a high risk for heart attack and stroke. Thank you for your support. My dad's body is sitting in a freezer at care funeral home in moundsville wva I feel he is being dishonored, I've ask numerous places for help, but no response I set up a GoFundMe and care funeral home had a site on it's website for donations but no luck there, I contacted the VA, they don't pay upfront fees, they only reimburse you after it's paid for, my dad saved a little money in the bank, but the court house says the family has to wait for 90 days, in the meantime my dad has to sit in a freezer and not to be honored and laid to rest, I feel that's a disgrace for his service to this country and fighting for American, can you please help me gather some money to lay dad to rest, I gave the last 800 dollars I had, the funeral home won't finish his cremation or burial until they get all the money, he has his own plot that has been paid for next to my mother, I'm asking for help please, stressed. Son Mark Burnett 324 highland Ave moundsville wva 26041,  I called the American legion in moundsville wva for help and was supposed to get a return call but haven't heard back from them yet.


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Mark Burnett

Moundsville, WV, USA