About this fundraiser

Hey my name is Kyree, I’m 20 years old & recently I had to leave my mom’s house because she was moving far away…I’ve been through alot dealing with family but won’t get into that. I try my best to help a lot & get no help, I had gotten into a situation in January where I had resigned from an apartment with my former “friend” & I’ve been trying to get things together but nothing comes my way no matter how much effort I put in…I’m in need of money to at least help me pay for the down payment on the apartment me & my girlfriend have been looking at the past few months…she means so much to me & we’ve been away from each other physically for some time & I just wanna get away from family & be at peace, working on myself & starting my own life; I don’t want to become homeless. Soo if you could help me or need more information please let me know. Any money I receive will solely go towards the apartment I want, including groceries, furniture & utilities.

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Kyree Butler

Washington D.C., DC, USA