About this fundraiser

Katie is my 15-year-old apricot poodle she is the love of my life the sweetest dog you will ever meat. My neighbors love her I believe more than they love their own pets. She’s my everything she’s all all I have. She has congestive heart failure and I’ve been able to maintain things until hurricane Ian. It took most of the work away, the other night she collapsed, and I rushed her to the heart specialist. She was in an oxygen tent for three days I was devastated, thinking I would never get to hold her and she would die alone. My biggest worry was she would pass away, and I could never hold or touch or say goodbye. I broke my heart. It’s the hardest thing to do to ask strangers for money I never had to before and it’s very hard now and embarrassing. Katie tore a cord in one of the arteries in her heart. The medical bills are very high and they will be ongoing because she will continuously need to have blood work and echocardiogram and medication changes.

Organized by

Elaine Cutali

Fort Myers, FL, USA