About this fundraiser

Hello friends and family,

I’m reaching out with a heavy heart to share some challenging news about my baby brother, Justin. A routine doctor’s visit, initially thought to be for a hernia, unveiled a much harsher reality: cancer.

Justin, a dedicated cook known for his resilience and kindness, spends long hours on his feet, crafting meals with love. However, this diagnosis has abruptly halted his ability to work. On April 29th, what started as a simple call turned into a week filled with MRI scans, biopsies, and countless tests. We received a mix of news: cancer was found in his right kidney, but thankfully, it seems to be contained there. Although his femur showed a cyst and fracture, we are relieved to learn it’s not cancerous.

Looking ahead, Justin faces at least two surgeries—one for his femur and another to remove his affected kidney. Without the benefit of short or long-term disability at work and unable to perform his job, the road to recovery seems daunting. The financial burden of rent, food, and basic necessities is a weight too heavy to carry alone during this already tumultuous time.

We are setting up this fundraiser to help Justin manage his living expenses as he fights through his treatment and awaits assistance from SSI-disability, which we know is not an immediate solution. Any contribution, no matter how small, will significantly ease the pressures he faces. If you cannot donate, please consider sharing this campaign. Every bit of support counts.

We are grateful for your prayers and kindness during this challenging time. I believe wholeheartedly that the generosity extended to Justin will bless you tenfold.

Thank you for listening, for sharing, and for your support. It means the world to us.

With all my love, 

Mo- Justin’s Big Sister


Organized by

Monique Mills

Richmond, VA, USA