About this fundraiser

Hello everyone and God bless!! I am raising money to get far away as possible from an ex abusive lover. On February 29, 2024 I was attacked by my boyfriend for no apparent reason. I don't know if he was on some type of drug or what. I was hit by surprise and then total darkness for 30 seconds. I just remember screaming for my daughters to hear me and come to my aid. I was so happy they heard me. He fled from the house. Police were called. I was then transported to the hospital where I suffered a fractured bones around my left eye. Bridge of my nose fractured also, as well as a fractured piece of skull by my right temple. I got CT scans to make sure the fractured weren't a threat to the blood vessels in my head. I also received 8 stitches for a busted left eyebrow and a gash on my forehead. My 4 kids, 3 grandbabies and I are now homeless living in a hotel room to get us far away from him as possible. I am asking for help to come up with deposit money for a new place. My ten year old son has epilepsy and receives disability compensation. I have been a stay at home mom to look after him for a few years. Now I'm just trying to get our life back on track and be supermom again for little family again. Thanks for helping and thanks to the ones who want to help but couldn't. Prayers are also deeply appreciated. I'm not here for sympathy because things happen when you become comfortable with a toxic situation so I accept that much. But I'm coming before this platform in humility and a sincere heart asking for a little bit of help. Thank you again and God bless!!❤️

Organized by

Tiara Miller

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA