About this fundraiser

I never ever ask anyone for anything but this is a very serious situation,  my niece died Suddenly and she had no insurance or any direction on what to do if she was to pass… as much as I hate doing this , she has been laying in the mourge since she passed on January 1 2023 and no funeral home will touch her without at least 2,400 dollars and the the actual service cost more.  Approximately 5700 for a bare bones type service and cremation. I really don't want to cremate her but I will not ask for more than this just so she can be laid to rest with some dignity.  Please don't give if it will be a burden on you or your family,  This is hard enough to do without feeling guilty,  but I can't see my baby just laying there inevitably with no solution in sight so this is what I must do! Thank you in advance. 


Margie Hill her aunt 

Organized by

Margie Hill

New York, New York, USA