About this fundraiser

Over the last several months we have fallen more and more behind in bills and need help catching up so we can have a new beginning.  Out mortgage is late and a month behind. Gas hasn’t been paid for 6 months, internet for 4 months. I can’t even afford gas to get back and forth from work.  

I recently went back to work after being severely sick with a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis.  I was on short term disability, having to leave my dream job.  While out of work I had many medical bills piling up without a resource to pay them.  I would like to get those taken care of.  I love my part time job, but it only pays me $14/hr which is about $250 a week.  

I am in need of a good restart. The support I get here from the community would mean so much to me. I try to do so much to serve the community around me and I know that there is so much love and support out there for others. 

All funds raised will go directly to catching up on necessary bills like mortgage and utilities as well as paying off lingering medical bills.  

I appreciate your kindness and generosity as I ask for help in this time of need. Any donation is appreciated and will be used appropriately.  

Thank you!!

Organized by

Shannon Elmer

Syracuse, UT, USA