About this fundraiser

Help to help move my family to get my wife better doctors that will actually care and not pass the buck and to get my son into a school where he won't be beat up and bullied and picked on every day the last 7 years since we've moved to Arkansas has been one tragedy after another starting with me breaking my neck in an accident losing my job over it not getting any assistance or any help for anything working for myself with a broken neck just to be able to pay for surgery my wife was diagnosed with something that makes it to where she does not make blood platelets anymore we drive an hour every week 1 to 3 days a week for her to get platelet transfusions I just would love to have another chance to get my wife some doctors that will actually try to do something instead of just going through the motions I would really just like someone to be brave for my wife as my wife has been brave for herself and us

Organized by

William Havener

Batesville, AR, USA