About this fundraiser

My name is Aidan, and I am reaching out for help. My mother was recently diagnosed with neurogenic thoracic outlet system (NTOS) and underwent surgery to remove her first right rib because the nerves were so badly compressed. She still has other nerve issues she must correct once she is healed from this surgery.

Leading up to the surgery it took years almost 5 years going to doctors, specialists, tests ran, physical therapy because she was diagnosed with radial nerve and ulnar damage which aggravated the nerves so badly, she barely had function in her right arm and was in severe pain. She was persistent and with the help of a physical therapist they started talking about NTOS. Pushing doctors to start looking more into the syndrome. She was turned away by a few doctors because it is most commonly misdiagnosed and pretty rare syndrome.

My mother is a single mother and has worked hard her entire life she even served our country for 20 over years. She made sure I had the best life growing up and made sure I didn’t want for anything. I am now in high school, was able to get a part time job, and recycle cans to try to help her out but due to not being able to work a lot of hours because of school it’s not much money I am making it seems impossible. My mother is the most generous person i know and will help anyone out even if she doesn’t know them. She has done so much for me growing up as a single parent I feel this is least I can try to do for her to repay her not only for what she’s done for me but for the soldiers and citizens she’s helped.

Growing up she managed college, full time job, the Natural Guard, and making sure i was taken care of and making the most out of each day because she never knew when she would be called up. She has done countless Hurricane missions for the Army & went to Haiti after the earthquake to help their community. We recently had a tornado and without hesitation right after tornado passed went into the community and helped the citizens, the police, and EMS. She has taken in homeless soldiers numerous of times.

I am not sure if this will get any visibility but if it does or you come across this anything helps because she still has a long road recovery and correcting the other issues and the medical bills will continue to pile up. She works a full-time job but with inflation, regular adult bills, and medical bills she has been really struggling to maintain. I thank all of you that contribute even if it’s a small amount anything will help get her in a better spot, not stressed, and maybe cutting back some hours at work because she went back early and is causing a slower healing process and causing more pain. I would like to keep my mother around as long as I can because she is the only person I have, and I have exhausted as much as I can do as a kid. 

Organized by

Kim Langley

New Orleans, LA, USA