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Hey everyone first off just wanted to thank you for taking the time out to read this! 
Treasure, Trinnity, Taylinn and I (Tanesha Tommy’s wife) are reaching out for help in this difficult time.

Tommys father Keith Williams has passed away due to colon cancer and excessive alcohol abuse. Keith was a very selfish & abusive alcoholic and wasnt  the best dad to Tommy. As a young boy Keith was very physically abusive to Tommy. When Tommy found out his dad had cancer he took his dad to rehab and his dad cleaned up for a while and went through chemo treatments but as soon as he got back home he went back to his old ways so Tommy hasn’t had very much of a relationship with him. 
Tommy now has forgiven his dad thanks to jesus helping him work through! Alot of people follow in their parents footsteps but Tommy did not he is such amazing daddy we all say he is the best dad in the world!!! 

with Tommy being keiths only child and him no longer being married all the expenses have fallen into Tommy’s lap. It is at the worst timing cause Tommy can barely make ends meet as it is and keep food on the table. Even though Tommy has all the extra expenses caused by the wreckage of his dad’s past he still is going to have him properly cremated because that’s what god would want him to do. His dad didn’t have life insurance and didn’t leave Tommy anything but a big mess to clean up he was behind on rent 3 months and litterly left Tommy a mess to clean up!  As of right now the only way he can do that is to max out his credit cards. we don’t want that for him so we are asking for donations to help him pay so that he isn’t left with a big debt that’s going to take a long time to pay back.

thanks in advance anything helps if u don’t have money to donate we totally understand but could u please repost and  pass it on so maybe someone that does have a little extra might be able to donate!  
Thank u we love you and god bless….

❤️Treasure ❤️Trinnity❤️ Taylinn  



Organized by

Tanesha/kids Williams

Lake Elsinore, CA, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Tommy Williams