About this fundraiser

Well we did it!  have a way to come back home leaving Friday. However, have 0$ to travel with asfunds gone for the tickets home.

we are asking the people we love and know for help to eat. we will be on the bus for 50 hours and at this point in time I have no way to feed me and my son. If you could please help with anything even a dollar it would be greatly appreciated.

 there is an urgency as we are leaving in a day and a half please again anything helps I need to make sure my son eats on this trip home 

God bless you and thank you if you can help and if you aren't able to please share this to people who may be able to thank you !

my mama taught me I closed mouth does not get fed so I'm asking please help we appreciate it more than you understand you are our tribe. We love you hopefully see a lot of you very soon!

Organized by

Rhiannon Hernandez

Evansville, IN, USA