About this fundraiser

On September 3, I fell down the back stairs of the fourplex in Cassville MO I let our landlord know about it and that I had to go to the hospital on September 7 . His response was it's your fault. Then on September 13 he filed for eviction. On September 29, we fell victim to a rental scam. On October 3 We informed the landlord of the fourplex that we needed a day he basically strong armed us into giving him snap benefits of $54.00 then that was only until the 4th. Due to the rain in the 4th we reluctantly gave in to his request again of $50.. in snap and our last $20 in cash we had. We thought we were going to set up a tent behind a so called friends house in Cassville. When my husband rode over to their house Saturday 5 at 1 pm . They said that they weren't going to do it and slammed the door in his face. So we contacted a local church they paid the landlord $200 to get us through until Tuesday afternoon.  We are desperate. 

Organized by

Jennifer Gilliland

Cassville, MO, USA