About this fundraiser


I hope this message finds you well. It's difficult for us to reach out, but we're facing some challenges that we can't handle alone. Recently, both Felicia and I lost our jobs, and it's been a struggle to make ends meet ever since.

Our monthly rent, including all bills, amounts to $1275, and we're about to receive an eviction notice. We've had to make sacrifices, like having our phones disconnected, and we're worried about losing our car soon.

Additionally, our cats, Coal and Beau, require special diets. Coal has a urinary condition, so his food costs about $65 per bag, while Beau is sensitive to certain foods, with her food costing around $45 per bag. And then there's Denver, who thankfully isn't too picky, but still needs her food. Plus, we're running low on litter.

Anything besides rent and our pets will go towards food and toiletries.

The stress of our situation is taking a toll on our mental health, and we're feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

If you're able to offer any assistance, even small, it would mean the world to us. But we completely understand if that's not possible. We're grateful for your consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Warm regards,
Hannah & Felicia

Organized by

Hannah Pittman

Euless, TX, USA