About this fundraiser

My name is Summer. I'm raising funds for my brother, Michael and his battle against a rare, aggressive form of soft tissue sarcoma cancer. The funds will go to his medical bills to ensure the best continuous care possible. The funds will also help with living expenses as my brother can no longer work, he cannot help his fiancé afford their home and bills. It will also help him travel to his surgeries and cancer treatments.

Michael was recently diagnosed with a rare type of soft tissue sarcoma cancer. It is very aggressive and currently at Stage 3. Multiple doctors misdiagnosed the mass on my brother's head as a benign skin cancer tumor. The initial removal seemed successful until the mass came back bigger and faster. It was removed again and until just a couple of months ago, a specialist broke the news. What seemed a harmless newscence, turned into a horrific reality. This type of sarcoma has to be removed and is unresponsive to chemotherapy. My brother has undergone 5 head surgeries in hopes to clear the cancer margins. He has lost about 70% of his scalp and part of his upper neck and doctors still say they have to remove more when they attempt skin-grafting procedures. The cancer has spread to his lymphnodes and they will be checking to see if the cancer has spread further.

If this was not misdiagnosed originally, my brother would not be in such a nightmare. His head is open, pending skin graft surgery and further testing from oncology. Pain management has been a trial. He is trying to be positive and rest so he's strong inside and out. His medical bills and home bills are piling. He should not have to struggle so hard and live with the fear of what cancer is doing to him and what may happen next.

Please help. I would do anything for my brother. I want him here for a very long time to see his 1 year old and 4 month old nephews grow. I want him to be able to marry his strong and loving fiancé and continue the life they started.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Organized by

Summer Barfield

Valrico, FL, USA