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“ Your Wings Were Ready Our Hearts Were Not”

Hello, my name is Cassie Ross , My cousin Shanna Lee has been left devastated by the unexpected loss of her mother , Brenda Kay Johnson, who experienced a medical emergency while out of town out visiting family in Livingston Tx, while suffering from the medical emergency she was transferred to three different hospitals in a two week time period before the third hospital decided to do a Triple By Pass surgery and after 13 hours fighting for her life Aunt Brenda never made it off the operating table. There are no words for something as heart breaking as this and Shanna is over come by grief and completely heart broken from losing not only her mother but her best friend as well. Shanna was not prepared for the expenses that occurred while being at her mothers side in Houston or the funeral and memorial service . Being that her mom, My Aunt Brenda , left this world so suddenly and unexpectedly I am asking for donations to help fund the costs of the funeral and memorial services. I am truly grateful for any help with donations to help honor the memory of a truly special person , Brenda Kay Johnson , 01-27-1951 - 02-26-2024, may she rest in peace. We greatly appreciate your help during the most painful and difficult time of our life's. Please join us to say our final good byes on March 16th , 2024 at 1;00 PM at ,The Journey Church , 6280 TX-276 Building C , Royse City TX 


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