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Hope and Help for the Howson family.

In August 2023 Chrissy Howson was diagnosed with colon cancer.  In September, she had colon resection surgery and has recently started chemotherapy.

Because of her illness, she has been unable to return to her school job and has been working very part time ( when she feels good) with her home job. This of course makes paying the bills and keeping up with financial responsibilities difficult on her and the Howson family.

Because of a leaky roof, a severe mold problem developed at her home.  She couldn't go back there since chemotherapy weakens the immune system.  Doctor's advised that she stay somewhere else during recovery and treatment.  So her son's Sam and Christian have taken on the role of caring for Chrissy and providing her their home since September.  

In the meantime, work is being done on her home and the roof and mold issue is being addressed. She is hoping to get back into her home by January 2024.

Many people have wanted a way to help.  And in these situations they often ask what they can do to help a cancer patient and their loved ones during times like this?  

When someone is fighting Cancer and is out of work as a result,  finances often become a HUGE concern.  Adding great pressure on top of the usual fears and concerns that come with fighting Cancer. So truly, one of the best ways you can help them and their family,  is to donate to their family fund.

Hope for the Howson family is hoping to raise 10,'000 dollars to help with lost wages, living expenses and any extra medical expenses not covered under insurance.  Chrissy works as a contractor so there is no medical leave pay.

Our family would be grateful for any donation amount that our friends and family can give.  We appreciate the love and concern that so many have expressed.  It has touched us deeply.

Thank you for your consideration and Happy Holidays.


The Howson Family 

Organized by

Jessica Harkness

Lakeville, MN, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Kenneth Howson