About this fundraiser

In early February of 2023, Tosh. K (my dad) was rushed to the ER for a 12-hour Type-A Aortic Dissection. His health fluctuated between stable and unstable for weeks on end, and the journey to semi-stability took about a month to ensure. The struggles and pain Tosh, alongside his wife and two kids, experienced were tremendous, and the struggles are not yet over. The family's medical bill has reached an insane and impossible self-paid charge of around $1,000,000 ( 1 million dollars). Please if you can, donate whatever you can afford to give! If you cannot donate, then please try and share this on social media, share it with friends or co-workers, or anyone you can think of. 

I understand that $500,000 is high and ambitious, but we are currently facing an impossible challenge that we sadly cannot face on our own. So please, help, share, and promote! 


Organized by

Tosh Kobayashi

Torrance, CA, USA