About this fundraiser

ummm I’m not even sure where to start. The last year has been tough for sure. I lost my place then I was staying in my car. I have had the barrel of the bad luck!! I’m currently back staying with my father. if It’s not one thing going wrong it’s another thing. My car is broke down and it seems we fix one problem and find another problem. The clips to my sway bar are completely busted come to find out that’s probably how my pressurized power steering hose busted!!  I am just praying that I can find help to get back into my own space and help get my car fixed so I can be able to get back on my feet. I’m an independent woman and I’m able to work  I just need the little bit of help getting back on my own two feet. Thank you very much and god bless. 

Organized by

Angela Stuen

Phoenix, AZ, USA