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  • Still need help

    Please if anyone could please help me in still in need of help with paying for my uncle's creamation it's been 3 weeks now and I still not been able to come up with m the money to get him cremated so if anyone pkeae bell any lil bit would help a great dark so j. An get my uncle back to the family,

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Yes my name is Melissa and yesterda afternoon my beloved uncle Junior Lee Pardue passed away with his fight from stomach cancer. He was the only family I had left out of my mom and all his sisters and brothers Jr was divorced and he had 2 sons but neither one of his sons aee able to take care of his fathers last wishes so it has been left to me and my sister we have spoke the the funeral home and it’s going to be almost 2000 dollars to have him cremated taxes and all so I’m asking for anything that anyone can help out with would be greatly appreciated we only have 4 days to raise the money and give to the funera home then after that it’s going to be so much a day and it could go into the thousands so to keep the cost down we’re trying to get it as soon as we can. so if you can please help us we would greatly appreciate it any amount will do even if it’s just a dollar they all add up. Thanks in advance and for taking the time to read this and may Hos bless you and be with each and everyone.

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Melissa Shuping

North Wilkesboro, NC, USA