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Hey everyone,I'm thrilled to share my passion for dance with you and to introduce an exciting new project: bringing the art of pole dance outdoors! My name is Cruella known as BIGG CRUU and I'm on a mission to take my performances beyond the confines of traditional studios and onto the open stage of nature.With your support, I'll be able to invest in a high-quality travel stage pole that's portable, durable, and perfect for outdoor performances. This versatile equipment will allow me to set up stunning dance spaces in parks, beaches, forests, and other breathtaking natural settings, where I can connect with audiences in a whole new way.Imagine the beauty of fluid movements against the backdrop of a sunset, the freedom of expression amidst swaying trees, or the exhilaration of dancing beneath the stars. With your generous donations, I'll have the resources needed to make these visions a reality and to share the magic of outdoor dance with communities far and wide.Your contributions will go towards purchasing the travel stage pole, transportation costs for reaching picturesque locations, and any necessary accessories to ensure safe and professional performances. Whether you're able to donate a little or a lot, your support will make a meaningful difference in bringing this dream to life.Thank you for believing in the power of dance and for helping me create unforgettable moments of beauty, inspiration, and joy in nature's grand theater. Together, let's ignite a movement and celebrate the boundless creativity of the human spirit.With gratitude,                         LOVE BIG CRUUU⸻💕


Organized by

Cruella Crocker

Bronxville, NY, USA