About this fundraiser

Those of you know me, know that  over the last 1.5 years, I have had multiple medical issues, including Guillain Barre Syndrome, a Bowel perforation, a bowel obstruction, several adrenal crisises , and many, many other medical problems, which have caused me to both experience multiple medical bills as well as being unable to work on and off over the past year+.    Now it has been suggested by many doctors that I go up to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for further evaluation and treatment.   I am looking at paying at least $500-$1000 in travel expenses, as well as lodging costs while I am there, which will be another $1000-$2000.  I will also not be able to work for the 2 weeks I am there, and have been out of work for the last month, and will be off work for 1-2 weeks while in Minnasota, and will need money to cover basic expenses while off.  Any help would be greatly appreciate it, and if you cannot help financially, if you could at least forward it to others who may be able to help, I would appreciate  it.  Thank you in advance. Please donate whatever you can by March 15.   Thank you so much in advanced! 

Organized by

Jennifer Ferguson

Indianapolis, IN, USA