About this fundraiser

February 1st, 2023 my whole world changed. I have NEVER been afraid of anything in my 50 years and when you are told you have cancer, well your whole world stops! At least that is what happened for me. Nothing has EVER stopped me in my tracks, nothing has ever made me feel intimidated, nothing has ever taken so much from me in a matter of seconds. I ugly cried for days, I made phone calls I never thought I would have to make, I cried with every single person I talked to and then something changed.. I got mad, I became determined, and my focus was very clear. THIS WAS NOT going to override the life I have built over the last 50 years.

Moving forward a few weeks I have had multiple doctors appointments, medical procedures to get me ready for surgey, scans, tests, and everything in between. I have missed work and accrued a whole bunch of medical bills. So I am humble in the fact I need your help. The copays and expense to go through all of this is seemingly more than the mental part itself knowing you have cancer. So after a few days of thinking how I would word this, I decided it wast ime to ask, Time to ask my Family and Friends for the help I need. Wednesday March 15th is surgery day. The day they will remove the cancer and do reconstructive surgery. The day I am wishing would hurry up and get here and the day I take a deep breathe and believe and know EVERYTHING is going to be ok.

Your support is so greatly appreciated, more than you will ever know. I have commited to a thousand fundraisers and helping others over my lifetime, I just never thought it would be for myself.

Organized by

Jennifer Daniel

Montgomery, TX, USA