About this fundraiser

Hello Kat here! 
I have 2 causes I need assistance with Need to pay my co pay on insurance to have that in place for procedure making the Prosthetic Eye AND the second thing I’m needing help with a down payment for a car in middle of all this my Van blew a head gasket Not fixing its 22 years old Appointments were made long ago I’m needing a car to get to these important appointments next month in Phoenix 1 hour and 45 minute drive one way! Ya what a time to be without a much needed Vehicle 

All donations will be strictly used for the procedure and vehicle down pmt Ended up in the hole because of setback financially with 3.5 prlor years of 3 Detached Retina surgeries My Glaucoma which was diagnosed in 2009 took over my eye and blinded it I can still drive because I have 20/20 vision in remaining eye

Organized by

Kathryn McCray

Wenden, AZ, USA