About this fundraiser

Hello everyone,

some of you may not know my mother, but she is a wonderful 80 year old lady that shows love , affection and charisma to anyone she meets. She became ill about 2 months ago and since she lives by herself she was not able to get the correct treatment for dehydration due to food poisoning and she develop a septic shock, unfortunately my mother Ketty Zaragoza does not have the necessary financial resources to treat herself medically and due to her condition she developed an infection in her kidney and a mass in her liver and according to a local hospital in El Salvador she is now been treated for a malignant cancer mass, have not been notified about what degree of condition but all I know is that the hospital does not have good level of effectiveness to treat the issue or condition in that country of  El Salvador. There for I feel obligated to help my mother in all that I can to help her get well. Will really appreciate any donation that anyone can provide to treat my mother for cancer at the Moffit Cancer Center in Florida.

I really pray and ask God for for guidance and blessing for us to make the correct decision for her to get well and have a glorious life and longevity. I know that you may not know her but really believe she will appreciate anything you can do to help her to get better.

May God bless you for helping Ketty in anyway to improve her health and to help her get better soon.

Organized by

Roberto Zaragoza

Holiday, FL, USA