About this fundraiser

Miller Funeral Home in Tallapoosa, GA will be receiving the funds to help pay for the Aquamation for Kim Michelle Denman, and Millers won't start the process just yet unless there's a way to make a miracle happen & I Believe God has this; pretty much means leave it unto his hands. Kim Michelle was just like an Aunt to my Husband & I loved her Dearly & so did my Husband & My Mother-in-law & a few other friends maybe. Other than that she doesn't really have anyone left. She took a piece when she left this cruel world. Anyone who is able to donate please do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING will be greatly appreciated at this moment. God Bless you all! One last thing if it needs to be sent to my Cash app then my name on there is Countrylife1543 & I will make sure that they recieve the money and I will send it straight to them please Lord πŸ’™πŸ˜‡πŸ˜’

Organized by

Candace Austin

Buchanan, GA, USA