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Solar-Powered Adventures: Making Lazy Dayz Camper & Patreon Show a Reality

Project Description:

Welcome to our Kickstarter page, where dreams of road adventures and storytelling collide! We’re on a mission to revamp the Lazy Dayz camper, transforming it into an eco-friendly travel haven with solar panels and essential upgrades. But that’s not all - we aim to capture the beauty of our travels and share inspiring stories through a captivating show on Patreon. To make this dream a reality, we need your help to raise $15,000 for solar panel installation, minor camper upgrades, and the essential editing and camera equipment to produce a show that brings the world closer to you.

Why Solar Panels and Upgrades?

The Lazy Dayz camper has been a beacon of potential adventures, but it’s in dire need of a makeover to become roadworthy and environmentally friendly. By installing solar panels, we’re not just ensuring a sustainable source of energy; we’re embracing a lifestyle that respects the planet we explore. The upgrades and repairs will ensure safety and comfort on the road, making every mile a story worth telling.

The Patreon Show:

Imagine a show that takes you on a journey through breathtaking landscapes, introduces you to unique cultures, and tells the stories of people we meet along the way - all while highlighting the importance of sustainable travel. This is what we aim to create and share with you on Patreon. Your support will help us purchase the necessary equipment to produce high-quality content that entertains, educates, and inspires.

How Your Support Helps:

• $8,000 for solar panel installation and minor camper upgrades to ensure it’s roadworthy and eco-friendly.
• $7,000 for high-quality editing and camera equipment to produce captivating content for our Patreon show.

Rewards for Backers:

• $10: A personal thank you shout-out on our social media.
• $25: Early access to the first episode of our Patreon show.
• $50: A Lazy Dayz and Patreon show branded eco-friendly travel mug.
• $100: Your name in the credits as a supporter in our first season.
• $500: An exclusive invitation to a virtual meet-and-greet where we’ll share behind-the-scenes stories, upcoming plans, and answer your questions.
• $1,000: Spend a day with us on the road (travel expenses not included) and get a firsthand experience of the Lazy Dayz adventure lifestyle.


• Campaign Launch: 3-14-24
• Campaign End: [Insert Date, typically 30-60 days after launch]
• Project Start Date: [Insert Date, immediately after funding is secured]
• First Patreon Episode Release: [Insert Date, estimating production time]

Closing Statement:


Join us in making the Lazy Dayz camper a symbol of sustainable travel and storytelling. With your support, we can share the beauty of our world in a way that respects our planet and inspires others to explore with consciousness. Every contribution brings us closer to turning this vision into reality. Let’s embark on this solar-powered adventure together!


Organized by

Aaron Baldwin

Oceanside, CA, USA


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