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Three years ago my brother, Joel experienced an extremely painful injury whereby a tendon in his leg separated from the bone where the hip is attached. He has seen numerous specialists who agree that surgery cannot help. It has to heal on its own. Three years of bedfast isolation have afforded slight improvement, but only to the point that he can walk sporadically. He has been unable to work or continue his education as a nurse practitioner as both require the ability to stand and walk often. 

Specialists have explained that the fastest way to get Joel back on his feet is by way of PRP injections. The link below explains what these are, but in short they are very expensive, not covered by insurance and currently financially out of reach. If you know Joel, you know that he is a wealth of information and has a heart to help and heal everyone he knows. 

Please consider helping him get the treatment necessary to close this long chapter and get back to life. He is a talented functional nutrition practitioner and he's eager to work. Thank you in advance from our entire family. We are inexplicably grateful for you and your kindness!


Organized by

Israel Hensley

Burlington, KY, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Joel Hensley