About this fundraiser

Hello Community, I am looking for support for my daughter during one of the most exciting and scary times in her life. There have been some major life changes in the past 6 months. We were not initially going to make an announcement on social media however the circumstance s warrant it. For those who know us, my youngest daughter Kaitlyn, is having a baby with her partner Andre. We are so excited about this pregnancy and have so much love for the incoming nugget.

Unfortunately since the beginning of Kaitlyn’s pregnancy she has been put on bed rest and been in and out of the hospital. This pregnancy is new and already very difficult. Kaitlyn is having some health issues that make her high risk and it is taking a toll on her body and her mind.  Anyone who knows my daughter knows she is fiercely independent and this situation has completely rattled her. With only half their income, they have had a severe financial strain on their ability to stay in the home they worked so hard to move into just last year. Without the help of family and friends, they will be forced to relocate.

It is extremely hard and humbling to ask for help, but we are asking that you help this little growing family in any way that you can by donating through this website. Donations will help the couple pay what they owe in rent, and help keep them get afloat while my daughter isn’t working. Thank you for your kindness and look forward to updates on this little family soon.

Organized by

Yolanda Aderele

Washington D.C., DC, USA