About this fundraiser

Where do I start? I suppose I should start at the beginning. A hard working mother was let go from her job without given any reason back in July. Since she was a property manager  she was told that if she moved out in a reasonable time (10 days) that they wouldn't deny her unemployment.  She had a place lined up, but that person backed out the last minute.  Her youngest just graduated and he was accepted all on his own to a college in AZ. She had been saving her money to take him to college and make sure he had everything he needed. Well due to everything that happened and her having to put all their stuff in storage and becoming homeless she had to use her savings for all of that. She had her sons step-dad (her ex-husband) take her son to college spent the last of what she had on things her son needed. She was denied unemployment and is now fighting that. Her engine in her car blew and so now her and her service dog stay in her little truck in unsafe parking lots. She just heard from her son and she has a $2500 bill she has to pay in order for him to be able to pick out classes and continue college that he worked so hard for. She is beside herself and has no where to turn. So I am on here hoping I can find her some angels to help her out. Any little bit will help her and I know when she gets back up on her feet she will continue paying it forward and helping others as she had before. I know times are tough, but if you could find it in your heart to help her and show her that there is still good people in this world she would feel so blessed.

Thank you in advance.

Organized by

Stephanie Hudson

Sacramento, CA, USA