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Hi everyone!! đŸŒ±đŸ„—đŸ’š

I would like to intrduce myself as the Founder and CEO of MAGNOLIA - The Nature Club LLC. 

I have recently decided to transform two of my passions into one beautiful business - my love for teaching children and nature! Starting April 2024 I will be offering outdoor hands-on workshops for children of all ages with emphasis on Mental Health awareness, natural Art & Crafts, Agriculture, nature Play, and Holistic Nutrition.

Please support, share and/ or donate to this wonderful cause! 

Funds would be used to support expenses for Promotion, Materials, Handouts, outdoor venue reservations, etc.

For additional information or questions  please send an email to: 

[email protected] 

or visit my website: 

Thank you so much! 

- Kebbeh Autry

Organized by

Kebbeh Autry

Blythewood, SC, USA