About this fundraiser

Makai is the strongest, sweetest 4 year old that I’ve ever met. He spent his first 3 months in the NICU at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and has had a total of 7 NICU and PICU stays. Makai has Down syndrome, laryngomalacia, lymphocytic esophogitis, congenital CMV, muscle disorder, speech disorders, asthma, hypotonia, and the list goes on and on! 
Recently, Makai has been having extreme issues and was referred to the Colorectal Team who put him on daily enemas and did anal Botox. None of these have been helpful and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has agreed to take Makai on for a second  opinion as they see holes in his current care. This requires the family (Makai, mom, and two siblings) to uproot to Cincinnati for two weeks. Makai comes from a single parent household and I have had to go down to two days a week at work because of his health and lack of appropriate care.  He’s going to have major surgeries in August which will cause me to miss work as well as the Cincinnati trip. I currently have no vehicle due to a car accident that totaled my car. (We currently are doing weekly therapies as well as specialists appointments 30 minutes from home.) 

Donations would go towards Makai’s care, help with food, costs associated with travel, medical costs, necessities, and a vehicle. Every dollar and/or share helps our family immensely! 

Organized by

Adrienne Gardner-Tompkins

Brighton Township, MI, USA