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This is my mom. She is beautiful! She has lupus and unfortunately do to reduced salivary flow in her mouth, she is losing her teeth rapidly. She is disabled and unable to work. She has State Insurance, but they do not cover dental work. I live with my Mom, and I'm also disabled due to multiple sclerosis and panic disorder. We do not have family or friends that could, or would help us out. I am asking with an open heart that you would please consider helping my Mom by donating anything towards getting her dentures so she can be out of pain and most importantly EAT! I am willing to leave my personal email to document going to the dentist, from day one! I will take pictures of the first day of her getting X-rays through the process, by pictures!

                                Thank You,

                                   Sarah Oringderff

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Sarah Oringderff

Austin, TX, USA