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Hi, my name is Rena' and I have been best friend/sister with Mari (I call her Marilynn tho..lol) since we were 14 & 15. Just like alot of you and your bff/sister or brother. She has been by my side, and always helped anyone who needed it. She's been the families rock, protector and provider. Shes always been the type to give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Well, now she needs your help. As many of you know, she has been battling stage 4 Anal Cancer since April 2023. Her doctors said with radiation and chemo, that they would be able to get rid of her cancer. She started radiation, which was 32 continuous days, then she began 6 weeks of chemo. As you all know, radiation did a number on her entire body (bones, organs and especially her intestines and bowls). The chemo took what little bit of energy she had and basically threw it out the window. In november of 2023, she had been battling a severe UTI for several weeks. The antibiotics weren't helping at all. So she was taken by ambulance to the er. There, she was diagnosed with severe UTI, sepsis, ecoli, fissures and anemia so terrible they had to give her 2 blood transfusions, shots in her stomach to help her white blood count. She was there for 14 days. Even though, she was giving blood samples weekly and no one saw that her anemia was really bad, although she kept telling them that she could barely move because her energy was at its lowest. Now, it is April 2024 and she was recently back in the hospital for another 11 days. Again, for a severe UTI. They did mri's of her chest and pelvis, Xrays and CT scan with and without contrast. The did more screenings to check for cancer cells and was told she was CANCER FREE by three of her doctors, and the attending hospital doctor. They then requested a rectal and gyno exam. During the gyno exam, the doctor said she could see her colon thru the vaginal wall. She also diagnosed her with fistula and she no longer has an anus or perinium (which is the tissue between her vaginal wall and colon). So she will need reconstruction of that area. While she was doing her exam, she (dr) also felt a bump. She took a biopsy of the area. She does believe the cancer is back. This dr doesn't know if the bump is a new cancer growth or was it left over from the original cancer. You can only imagine the horror and confusion of being told your cancer free, to less than a month after you are told you still have cancer. It's alot to process. So now her rectal surgeon along with the plastic surgeon,  are being scheduled to get reconstructive surgery and also the implant of colostomy bag. It is a very intense and long surgery. She will have to have the colostomy bag for the rest of her life. The dr said that with the damage to her hips, pelvic and tailbone, caused from the radiation, she may never be able to work again. But, the drs are confident that when she has her surgery, they will be able to remove whatever cancer she has currently. And that means, NO MORE TREATMENT.

So, now she needs our help more than ever. With it being a new year, that means there is a new deductible and out of pocket expense. Since she is no longer able to work, she is still only getting a fraction of her pay, thru long term disability. But that is going to run out soon. Anything will help, it will go directly to the expense specifically for this next surgery. She already has multiple drs appointments scheduled, and has to make payments with every visit. It starts to add up quickly. So, we are asking anyone and everyone, to please help, nothing is too small... anything will help. $1, $2, $5 or $10 It all adds up. Lets get Mari on the road to recovery. She wasnt expecting to have to come up with all these deductibles and max out of pocket expenses again, especially after they told her she was cancer free. She was pretty much blindsided and the the devastation of being told you still have cancer. Thats enough to worry about. Lets help her to focus on getting better and not have to worry about what everything is going to cost. Thank you guys in advance! Also, you can donate to directly to her cashapp. please email me at [email protected] or call/text me at  409-239-7216

Organized by

Mari Petty

Montgomery, TX, USA