About this fundraiser

Our dad recently in October,27,2023 had a massive heart attack we received a call from our uncle telling us that he was irresponsive he was then rush to mckaydee hospital on an ambulance to the emergency room then we waited there for 2 hrs which we were worried since we had not hear what they were doing not knowing that they did a procedure to him they put 4 stents to help his artery’s get unclogged that saved his life and he will be on meds for the rest of his life and as well he has a low sodium diet and 1 of the meds it’s price is around 555 which for that particular medicine they’re isn’t any discounts or at least that’s what they told us we did some research and found some discounts but haven’t yet verify if we would be able to use them but his medical bills are up the roof as an right now  his bills are 140,000 and raising and he can’t go to work any longer my 2 sisters and I are paying for all his nada and the co-pay for all his visit but as well they both have kids and my 2 sister and I are paying for the house we live in and taking care of our dads past debts since we can’t get him to worried we had told him that his medical bills had been paid and all but it isn’t true because since he had a massive heart attack it isn’t consider a work compensation thing is more like a health issue so they won’t pay even tho it had happen at work so we ask you to kindly donate something to our cause we appreciate even if it’s a couple cents we appreciate your understanding and you’re time to read this we have never done this type of things but I guess is true that everyone need help ones in they’re life thankyou guys so much god bless you 🙏🏼

Organized by

Isaac Lopez

Ogden, UT, USA