About this fundraiser


I desperately need the money for  medical bills that have been piling up . I have had a bit of bad luck see my Mother passed away then my ister passed away all wFather passed away then my Older Sister passed away all within months of each other. Then I had surgery and lost the use of my legs. I am on a fixed income and it just doesn't stretch enough to pay my med bills. I am a widow and it would mean  so much to me if anyone could help me  You can not imagine the stress that come along with all the bills coming in demanding payment and  i am wondering if I will still have my home to live in.023 It is in pre forclouser. I am tryid would be a real ing so hard to keep it together and having those med bills paid off by  07 01 2023  would be a great help. 

Organized by

Laura Gust

Odessa, FL, USA