About this fundraiser

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” is a cause to raise awareness of children around the world who are less fortunate than most during the holiday season and could use some “Little Blessings, Big Miracles” to put a smile back on their face and stir up the cheerfulness within that's begging to come out.

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” go a long ways for kids without the charitable presence of parents or siblings or friends to share the holiday spirit with. 

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” shares a vision that all children should be able to experience the warmth of Thanksgiving and the joyful festivities of Christmas Day without regards to age, race, wealth, religious beliefs, social status, disabilities, demographics, or anything else that may interfer with innocent children simply enjoying the magic of the holidays with glee and exuberance.

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” is a fundraiser to bless thousands of kids all over the world who need love and support during these confusing times of what should be joy and happiness but instead are full of empty tears.

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” is a fundraiser to honor the little ones who are often overlooked and underappreciated in the frantic noise and fast pace of those who are eager to go shopping and can't wait to buy gifts for loved ones in hopes of creating unforgettable memories that are picture worthy and to be cherished in scrapbooks for years to come. 

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” is a fundraiser for the unfortunate children who never made a wish list or wrote letters to Santa Clause describing what they hoped to find neatly stacked under the Christmas tree with their name written on it after springing out of bed at the crack of dawn like roosters on a mission.

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” is a fundraiser for the curious kids who always wondered what it was like to open newly bought toys and presents with the family and never got to experience the living room floor littered with crinkled up wrapping paper that was torn apart with anticipation and childlike curiosity.

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” is a fundraiser for the young children who never had the privilege of showing off their newly acquired bounty of loot to their friends and enjoying the silly expressions of bewilderment on their faces while listening to the melodic sounds of envy hinting through the tone of their high-pitched, squeaky voices.

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” are what keeps us intrigued as creative human beings by disrupting the mundane nuances of routine and everyday life, making the repetition of our insanity a wee bit more tolerable—and sometimes rather enjoyable!

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” are why most adults understand how grueling and unbearable work can be at a 9 to 5 job in a manufacturing plant without the occasional surprise of unexpected mishaps that wake us up and shake us to our core—reminding us of where we are at and what we are doing. 

Without the occasional surprise of unexpected “Little Blessings, Big Miracles” from generous supporters and caring patriots suchlike yourself, many innocent and blameless children around the world would fall victim of regular everyday occurrences that cause them to loose sight of why life is worth celebrating; ultimately causing their kind and loving hearts to become bitter—much like the popular Christmas story of ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” is a goal-oriented, purpose-driven, time-limited Fundraiser devoted to helping children celebrate the holidays with joy, laughter and excitement; using donated funds from caring and generous supporters LIKE YOU to provide less fortunate kids with “Little Blessings, Big Miracles” such as food, clothing, bibles, journals, comic books, educational materials, art supplies, shoes, socks, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, flash lights, umbrellas, first aid kits, certain medications, and of course DELIVERING TOYS AND PRESENTS TO CHILDREN who would otherwise not receive a single gift for what would become once again a bittersweet and heartless, yet cold and cruel Christmas in the trenches. Bah humbug!

Little Blessings, Big Miracles” will report in detail all spending and distribution of funds raised and donated by special supporters like you; including details about the recipient pending written permission and consent to share the nature of and reason for the blessing; pictures or videos of the gifts to be sent and received by and upon receiving the contents thereof to provide testimony in validation of the purpose for and mission of the “Little Blessings, Big Miracles” fundraiser.

You are giving the gift of “Little Blessings, Big Miracles” to children in need of your unwavering love and support with every contribution made—no matter how big or small!  

Your reward for contributing to the “Little Blessings, Big Miracles” fundraiser for the less fortunate children during the holiday season will be unique to the giver and to be received by faith; as God shall provide your needs according to the riches and glory in Christ Jesus. 


Thank You For Honoring And Recognizing Children Who Would Otherwise Be Forgotten Among Men If It Were Not For Your Support❤️


My name is Joshua Norgaar, Creator and Founder of the “Little Blessings, Big Miracles” fundraiser for less fortunate children all over the world who need someone who cares. 


I now place this opportunity into God's heavenly hands…🙌 May You Forever Be Blessed And Highly Favored In The Arm's Of The Living God!Amen 🙏


*Photo credits to Namansa Joel, Founder of Wonderboys Foundation in Uganda, East Africa 


Wonderboys Foundation in Uganda, East Africa is a refuge for homeless kids, orphans, vulnerables and needy children. 


“Here food is the hardest thing to get, clothes and health for the kids.”—Namansa Joel, Founder of Wonderboys Foundation, Uganda, East Africa


Wonderboys Foundation is home to several beautiful and unique children of God who depend on the “Little Blessings, Big Miracles” fundraiser throughout the holidays—so that their joy may be made full of Thanksgiving and Praise; to behold with childlike faith the magic and wonder and splendor of Christmas Day without being left empty-handed and forgotten about.

Organized by

Joshua Norgaar

Fort Smith, AR, USA