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From my mom: 

Hi, my name is Rachael and this is so hard and humiliating for me to do. Not even sure I’ll post this because it kills my soul and my pride to write this; I’m not good at being this vulnerable. Ok, just in case, here goes.

For the last 4+ years I have been fighting a losing battle with my health with healthcare providers due to lack of insurance and no money because my condition made it impossible for me to leave my house or work. Every time I tried to go get help I literally got a lose weight scenario and you’ll get better probably answer from ER providers. The problem is I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything due to the medical complications I was having…. A never ending menstrual cycle on steroids, I was bleeding to death and I’m extremely anemic now but that’s just another part of this ongoing problem. Most recently I did get into a place and saw their OB in December of 2022 where I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer after a few biopsies and immediately referred to Moffitt Cancer Center, still not having any insurance or employment Moffitt did put me on their “charity” program and I absolutely cannot begin to tell you my experience with the first doctor I saw after my finally diagnosis but long story short, I wasn’t the right patient for them. I was given another doctor and the ball is rolling now but because of my medical history, I’ve needed things the average Joe wouldn’t need like Neuro, endocrine and other medical clearances, so this process is taking way longer then it should.

I started this because I’m burning through credit cards and my little family’s very hard earned money in one way or another and the debt is more than catching up to us. Getting to and from Tampa and having to rent cars and pay for lodging, medicine, traveling expenses and medical bills has become way to overwhelming.

With some encouragement and support from my dear friends and loved ones; I have decided to try to seek help from you, from others. This is an extremely hard ask and I completely understand how the world is right now and that everyone is struggling. With extreme humility I ask if you can share this for me even if that’s all you can do, I appreciate you for even taking the time to read this. Be well.

☝️ Pre Surgery Update: I wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart so much for their support and prayers and also UPDATE that I have been officially cleared for surgery which will tentatively be on the 30th of May or the 1st of June depending on the doctors schedule going forward. In the meantime I’ll have infusions, appts, labs, ect. to make sure everything stays where it should (blood levels, ect.) because surgery is a must, it’s a scary surgery to and for me, a is now bumped up to a complete hysterectomy in the Trendelenburg position, which is very dangerous for me but hopefully it will be the quicker laparoscopic procedure yet they have also prepped and educated me for an open abdominal procedure incase certain other complications arise from previous medical conditions. Thank you all so very much again! I’ll be back and forth a few times before the surgery for the other infusions and labs but I’ll definitely update the exact date and time when it is known!

If you can please share this to your pages or by word of mouth my monthly medically needy share of cost is nearly $4000 and that’s in addition to having to rent vehicles and rooms to go stay in Tampa. Anything is extremely appreciated by myself and my family and we are so grateful for all the prayers, love and support!

☝️ Post Surgery update: Tumors found in the uterus were removed with the complete hysterectomy and genetic testing was performed showing results that led to new discoveries and a new surgical plan. Infusions are still taking place but chemo has been refused for now. 

☝️ Newest update: My next surgery is scheduled for December 19th 2023. We are still fighting the good fight! 

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Hayley Lynne

West Palm Beach, FL, USA

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Rachael Lia